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We LOVE our volunteers! As a year-long, extensive music program, we rely on the help of volunteers just like you to make things happen.

Serving Band Camp dinners? - Volunteers!

Making money from our Concessions Stand at the football games? - Volunteers!

Getting equipment and props to our competitions? - Volunteers!

There are so many ways for you to join in on the fun! We greatly appreciate the time and effort you all contribute, it goes a long way to creating an amazing band experience for our students. 

For current and upcoming Volunteer Opportunities, log into BoosterHub and check out the calendar or Volunteer page.



Got a fundraising idea or want to be a little bit more involved in the decision-making process?

Join our Booster Board Also Known As C.A.P.O!

Cardinal Alliance Parent Organization

What is C.A.P.O.?

The Cardinal Alliance Parent Organization is an organization made up of volunteer band parents whose main goal is to support the Mission Hills High School Band Program. If you are a band parent, you are a member of the boosters! 


The Boosters have an Executive Board to serve as the lead for this organization. C.A.P.O. provides support services and financial assistance to help maintain and improve Mission Hill’s excellent concert and marching band programs.

C.A.P.O. assists the band program in a multitude of ways including supervision, concert set-up, festivals, parades, equipment transportation, prop production, food service, and travel. The primary goal of the boosters is to help coordinate fundraising to ensure that the entire band program is fully funded throughout the year.


Annual Contributions & Fundraising


Each year the MHHS instrumental music program relies heavily on fundraising and financial contributions from each student participating in Marching Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Color Guard.  The recommended contribution for all students participating in these activities is $500.  For families with 2 or more students enrolled, the recommended contribution is $425 per student. 

This contribution from each family only covers about half of our annual operating budget. The other half is raised through fundraising opportunities, selling concessions, hosting events, and more. 

We need each family to participate in as many fundraisers as they can and to volunteer as much as they can so that we can fully fund our program each year.


 Thank you for your continued support!

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