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Donate & Fundraise

Our program won't be successful without your contributions! Money is great, but we also need volunteers to ensure that events run smoothly.


Check out the donation and fundraising opportunities below.


Get gift cards through RaiseRight!

It’s easy—and it works. By using gift cards to pay for every day (and not-so-everyday) expenses, each participant in your program can earn over $1,000 each year. No selling. No extra time. No extra money. There’s a reason it’s been a top fundraiser for schools, churches, bands, sports teams, scouts, and many others for more than 25 years.

Our RaiseRight code is: DAAC8F7938944

Charity Choice

Donate Unused gift cards through Charity Choice!

Millions of Americans aren't playing their cards right.
In fact, we've left more than $44 billion on the table, in the form of unused gift cards, and an additional $2 billion every year.
"People are letting cash slip away that they could be using FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

40% of gift card recipients do not use the total value of the card.
American households have an average of $300 in unused gift cards.

Matching Contributions from your Employer

Check with your employer to see if they can match contributions. Each employer may have its own system for this.

Direct Donations to C.A.P.O

We are always excited to receive direct donations to the band! 100% of your donations made via cash or check go directly to the band program. There are donation envelopes next to the Black Booster Mailbox in the band room. Cash and check donations can be placed in a Donation envelope, fill out the front, and then place the envelope in the Black Booster Mailbox.

We can also now take donations through Zelle! Use the QR code below for Zelle donations.

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