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Appearance in uniform

It is important for all band members to look neat, clean, and uniform when representing the Cardinal Alliance.  The way we dress and take care of our appearance says a lot about the way we feel about ourselves as a group. Pride in our appearance will generate pride in our actions and performance. Uniformity of dress is also adjudicated in competitions/festivals.

For those reasons, we ask the following:

  • Wear the MHHS black logo performance shirt and compression shorts under your uniform aka "blacks".  These are ordered during the first week of band camp.  No other shirts or sleeveless shirts will be allowed.  Because we change in front of others when at competition, you must wear these blacks over your regular underwear.  Black boxer briefs are not allowed in lieu of compression shorts.  

  • If you have long hair (below your ear lobes), have it neatly tied up so that your shako (band hat) will fit properly. 

  • No loose hair should be seen under the boarders of the shako.  You may use hair bands, hairs nets, bobby pins, etc to keep your hair in place.  You must fix your hair before you will be issued your uniform.

  • All visible hair must be a natural hair color. Alternative hair colors such as blues, greens, pinks, purples, etc cannot be worn during marching season if visible under the shako.  Do not use temporary spray hair color to mask or cover alternative hair colorings.  This can stain the uniforms or shakos.  

  • Be dressed in black MTX shoes (required) and black socks that reach up toward the knee. No ankle socks please.

  • Do Not wear any excessive make-up, fingernail polish or jewelry. 

  • Wear a the MHHS Cardinal Alliance red band shirt when not in uniform at tournaments.

  • Men: Short, neat haircuts. Gel and comb your hair as well. Keep a clean cut shave!  If you choose to wear long hair, you must put it up so that no hair hangs below the shako.

  • Women: Either braid your hair or keep it in a bun. Use hairspray, bobby pins, or headbands as needed, but remember that it should look universally uniform!  Front Ensemble, Tubas and Color guard should wear their hair up even though they do not wear shakos.

  • All alternative hair colors should be covered by shako or dyed back to a natural hair color.

How To Tie Up Hair

Uniform Accessories

Cardinal Alliance uniforms are provided by MHHS, however each student is responsible for purchasing their own band logo under shirt, black compression shorts, MTX shoes gloves and cardinal red band T shirt.  Gloves must be the long wrist kind with fingers except for flutes and clarinets who need to order fingerless gloves. Percussion students do not need gloves.


Returning students may use their shoes and gloves from last year if they still fit.  All students must purchase a new black logo performance shirt  this year so that we have a uniformed look when wearing uniform without jackets and it helps keep our uniforms cleaner throughout the season.

As a convenience, and cost-saving, to our families, the uniform booster parents organize a mass order at the beginning of the season.  Please print out the form below and return with your payment to the band room during Band Camp by August 11th.

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