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Symphonic Band

SYMPHONIC BAND is the school’s second most-advanced concert ensemble. The Symphonic Band performs advanced wind literature and continues the development of refined, performance skills. Members of the Symphonic Band will typically perform a number of school concerts each year which may include participation in SCSBOA band festivals and outside musical opportunities when they present themselves.

What to wear for Symphonic Band:


Black below-the-knee dress, black nylons and black dress shoes. The dress should be tasteful, no scoop or plunge necklines or bare back, no bra showing. No scooter skirts or above the knee lengths are permitted. Shoes may not be thong or open-toe style. Dress black pants (no jeans) and a dressy black blouse are also acceptable attire.

Black Jacket, white collared dress shirt, black long tie, black socks and black dress shoes.  No solid black shirts.

Purchase now!  You can also try thrift shops like Goodwill.

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