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GBEF, MHHS Music Department Gift Card / Scrip Program

Scrip is a way that several of our families are using to totally fulfill or reduce the Annual Instrumental Music Recommended Contribution.   Gift Cards can be purchased throughout the year and by starting now you can significantly reduce the amount of this recommended contribution needed for your student. 


In simple terms, Scrip is purchasing gift cards that automatically donate a percentage towards our MHHS music program.  You use the cards like you would any gift card.  You can pay for your own purchase or give them as gifts.  You can order either physical gift cards, or online gift codes that will display within minutes of placing your order online (requires enrollment in PrestoPay* service).


 To help you  understand here is an example of the percentages given for each type of scrip and how much will be going toward your student’s recommended donation.  If I buy $100 of scrip that gives back 20% that is $20 toward my student’s recommended donation, for 10% it gives back $10, 5% gives back $5 and for 1.5% it is $1.50. That is why it is best to buy the higher percentage items! 


Order your gift cards / scrip online at Important make sure that you use GBEF's organization number to receive credit or your student. Our GBEF number is DAAC8F7938944


Please be aware that gift cards do not expire in California, though there might be restrictions. Be sure to read the information that comes with your gift card.

If you choose to purchase Gift Cards to offset the recommended contribution please be aware that if your student drops or does not enroll, that the return on Scrip can not be refunded to you. It can be transferred to another student who is enrolled at MHHS in any of the music programs, or it can go into the general fund.

If you are interested in this program please contact our Music Booster Club Scrip Coordinator, Tracy Williams at  .  She will get you all the necessary information to begin reducing your student’s recommended contribution.

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