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PAY ONLINE 2020-2021

$40/Student OR $60/Multi-Student

Dear Band Families,


The music directors and board members of CAPO thank you for your efforts in helping our students' success this past Fall - your contributions were GREATLY APPRECIATED. For this new Spring term, your continued support is valued for everyone's success. 


Unfortunately for CAPO and your musicians, our current COVID-19 situation has prevented us from performing live shows - as a result, fundraising is now scaled back from a tremendous $70,000 to $13,000. Although expenses appear smaller, they are still quite needed this Spring for three key goals: 1) Maintain the instruction format we started in Fall, including paying for coaches; 2) Offer socially-distant, in-person music-making and performance opportunities; and 3) Prepare for concert hall and marching field excellence for the 2021/2022 school year under a fiscally-solvent position and using successful pre-pandemic standards.


Historical parent/family annual contributions of $450 per student musician helped supplement our pre-pandemic budgets; yet today we are asking for a $40 contribution/student or $60 for a multi-student family this Spring term. With many of us personally and/or financially impacted by COVID-19, we are hoping that this $40 or $60 contribution is possible to help your musician students remain successful with our music program. To make your payment, Click the link provided and pay online.


Being a parent of a student in the music program at Mission Hills makes you a cherished member of CAPO. We all need to do our best in supporting the Directors and their musical vision for our children.

We are grateful for your ongoing support and commitment to the students and the music program.  We look forward to making the remainder of this Spring semester a positive experience for them all.

Pay Now
Single Student $40.00
Multi-Student $60.00

Use this option to pay any amount, any time.  This is a great link to send friends and family who want to help support your student during our 10 for $10 Fundraisers or our during our Contribution Drives.  Be sure to enter your student's name so that we know who's account to credit.

Single Payment
Any Amount
Cardinal Alliance Parent Organization Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund is to help those students who might need some assistance in purchasing their shoes or other required uniform items or even a little help towards their Annual Family Contribution.   Any donation amount you can contribute would greatly be appreciated, $25, $100, or more 😊 whatever you can.  

Scholarship Fund Donation
Any Amount
Pay Any Amount
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